BY Steve Schiff

The Fatherly 2016 Guide To Giving Back is produced with the support of our friends at Johnson & Johnson.

Now that you’ve got your kid primed to be the world’s next great philanthropist, you might be looking for inspiring causes your family can get behind together. Fortunately, along with you, some of the most influential people in business, the arts, government, and entertainment are friends of the program around here, and they’ve got some suggestions. Below, 16 leading parents on the charities and organizations their families support and why you should consider them, plus a few from the fine folks at Johnson & Johnson who’ve budgeted about a million dollars for matching donations this giving season. If you still can’t decide after reading through the list, that’s okay. Just commit to doing something, even as simple as spending a few hours at a local homeless shelter this weekend. Remember, it’s not about the transaction but the meaning of the experience — your kid will be ready to donate their ice cream money in due time.

NFL tight end Vernon Davis launched his Vernon Davis Foundation to advocate for art appreciation and education and inspire disadvantaged youth to grow through involvement in the arts, which he says were a coping method for him growing up in Washington, D.C.

A $100 Donation Provides:  Training, mentoring, art supplies, and rewards that make monthly events and annual scholarships possible. Donate here.

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