To some artists, the process of creating a work of art is much more than merely a hobby. Exemplifying this notion is Gallery 85 artist Brandon Anderton, who has used art as a means for self-expression and wellness.

Diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after suffering from a work related injury in 2009, Brandon attended the Functional Restoration Program at the Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center where he was exposed to art as a means for therapy. Coming from an Engineering background, Brandon was able to use his new found painting as a tool for dealing with his pain and also as a mindful form of meditation that he now practices daily.

Brandon’s piece “Love and Loss,” featured in the front window of Gallery 85, not only utilizes recycled material in the spirit of the current exhibition ReTHINKit, but was also an extremely visceral experience for Brandon in terms of the creative process. Working with Notre Dame Demure University on a study regarding “Empathetic Transference,” Brandon had to opportunity to watch individual dancers perform highly emotional pieces, then responding to their performances through the creation of the pieces.

Drawing inspiration from Abstract Art, Brandon uses expressive forms, lines, shapes, color, and textures to not only creative captivating and alluring compositions, but to also express his own most inner emotions and experiences. His compositions are both striking and thoughtful, evoking strong feelings from all those who view his work.