Optics, science, and engineering are not typically the first things that come to mind when thinking about art and the art world. For Gallery 85 artist Dave Head however, optics and the science of light and reflection are essential to his artistic process and art products. The creator of many of the fabulous reflective mobiles seen in Gallery 85, Dave Head has used his experience with Spectra-Physics and optics coating to create beautiful works of art.

With a background in optics technology, Dave Head has used discarded laser optics to create mobile sculptures that reflect a myriad of colored lights on the surrounding surfaces. The circular optics found on his sculptures, worth thousands of dollars in their production, are often discarded due to minor defects. Instead of wasting these optic lenses, Dave Head decided to give new life to these pieces of technology by incorporating them into an aesthetically pleasing and beautifully crafted mobile sculpture, attached to copper and mounted on polished wood.

Through the re-use of optic lenses to create his fabulous mobile sculptures, artist Dave Head has been an essential part of Gallery 85’s summer exhibition ReTHINKit, incorporating recycled materials into his work to create fascinating pieces of art.