Michael Mastre

Michael first exhibited his work at Gallery 85 through his series of black and white pieces depicting special moments from Vernon’s football career. These memorable scenes were captured by Michael with the use of the interesting medium of scratchboard. Using this same technique, he created a series of iconic musicians for the Journey exhibit. We are thrilled to see a completely different side of Michael in the pieces he will be showcasing in the upcoming RETHINKIT exhibit (opening May 22nd).

The goal of this exhibit is to articulate the theme of reuse and recycle. Michael and the team at Gallery 85 hope to inspire new ways of thinking about art and the environment. Michael used a digital print transfer technique of his photographs onto repurposed skateboards. A description of his piece called, “Steel Flower” is below:

“This image came from a steel gate that I saw while I was going to grad school in the city of Orange. I found the shape and the running rust streaks very beautiful. This gate can be ignored very easily, not being on the main street or anywhere it would really stand out. The board that I used to print on has been chipped and abused in its life. Additionally I feel that this piece can provide a sense of beauty in imperfections. Again the transfer from the film to the board wasn’t perfect reminding the viewer of their own imperfections.”

After graduating Magnum Cum Laude from Sacramento State University, Michael went on to receive his M.F.A in film production with an emphasis on editing from Chapman University. Michael has a wide range of artistic interests and talents, which he continues to incorporate into his creative process. Michael lives and works as a filmmaker and editor in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please stop by the gallery and hear Michael share more about his creative process on Wednesday, May 14th from 2-3pm.