Born and raised in San Jose, California, artist Shannon Amidon’s background and aesthetic is both captivating and out of the ordinary. With her focus on alternative processes of photography, encaustic, and paper arts, much of Shannon’s artwork focuses on incorporating items such as fossils, botanicals, bones and antiques into her pieces. Her antique book series can currently be seen on the walls of Gallery 85, serving to perfectly display the theme of the current exhibition, ReTHINKit.

Exhibiting worldwide with an emphasis on the US West Coast, Shannon has had an extensive amount of arts experience, having received a fellowship grant in 2011 from the Arts Council Silicon Valley Artist Laureate. She has also taken part in public art projects, one of the most notable being the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation’s 2013 commission of eight large, 400 lbs., 5 ft. x 6 ft. hearts around the city. In addition, Shannon is active in her local arts community and participates in arts education and outreach for children and young artists.

Shannon Amidon’s work is not only stunning and masterfully crafted but is also meaningful, often exploring the beautiful, repulsive, and mysterious sides of natural history. Using her artistic talent, Shannon not only creates wonderful pieces or art but also shares her skills with her surrounding community, making her a great asset to Gallery 85 and the Vernon Davis Foundation for the Arts exhibiting artists.