How old are you currently and when did you first start getting into art? 

“I am currently 13 years old. I was very little when I first started getting into art. When I was little I used to do little sketches and drawings and that was one of my favorite things to do. As I got older I realized I had a passion for art.”

What School do you currently attend and what grade level are you in? 

“The school I currently attend is LeyVa Middle School. I am in 8th grade, however I am in a program called Bulldog Tech, that is a project-based school where we use technology.”

Who introduced you to art? 

“No one really introduced me to art. I just really loved watching cartoons. I wondered how they did the animation and how they drew it. When I was little I thought I always wanted to become a Disney animator.”

Why do you do art and how does it make you feel? 

“I like doing art because I really just like drawing my imagination. Sometimes I look at a drawing and wonder, “How did they do that?” Then I try it out myself. Art makes me feel happy because I enjoy drawing art.”

Do you have any plans to study art formally? Do you want to go to college for art? 

“I do want to go to college for art. I want to improve my skills and when I see YouTube videos of artists doing different techniques I want to learn that. I just want to learn more and to get better.”

Are either of your parents’ artists? “No!!! Nope!”

If there was an artist in the world you could meet dead or alive whom would it be and why? 

“Margaret Keane I just studied about her for a project we had to do at school. I like the way she draws and her background was settling. I also like a Japanese artist named Miho Hirano and the way she draws.”

What is your favorite style of art? 

“My favorite style is mostly cartoonish and realistic mixed together. Sometimes the eyes would be really big and cartoon looking and then all of the other features would be more realistic like the nose and mouth.”

If you could explain to someone your age who has never done art before why art is good for them what would you say? 

“I would say art is very relaxing and can help you from stress. Sometimes when I’m stressed I would doodle or draw and it would help me.”

Is there anything else we should know about you as a young artist or as a person?

“For me, anime was a big inspiration for my art. Before when I watched anime because my drawings weren’t as good, but once I started watching anime I started becoming better and better.”

You mentioned before how you were introduced to art through anime, as well as cartoons and Disney. Once you’re done with college one day, what would your dream job be? Would it be working for Disney or someone like that?

“Before it was working for Disney, but now I am just thinking of owning an art gallery to sell art.”

I know you do a lot of sketches in your sketchbook, would you ever consider transferring them to canvas? Would you want to use oil paints or acrylics?

“Yes sometimes I sketch and think about if I want to do a full picture, but sometimes I just forget to. Then sometimes I do a bigger sketch and it actually becomes the full picture. I tried oil paints once and it was pretty hard, but I do want to practice at it or painting in general.”

Are there any certain colors you generally lean towards? What’s your process when you sketch? Obviously you first sketch the person, but how do you decide the color you want that person to be?

“Sometimes I think about what colors look best on the picture. Sometimes a darker image could make the picture look better or sometimes pastel colors or a rainbow make it look better.”

I know you said before that sketching helps you relax when you’re stressed so is there a general time you do sketch during the day, like when you get home from school? Do you always have your sketchbook in your backpack with you?

I ALWAYS have my sketchbook with me. It’s because a lot of my friends and I are artists and I teach my best friend art. And sometimes even without the sketchbook I just doodle or I just draw in my notebooks for school.”

Do you ever get any inspiration in school to doodle or sketch people? “No, I just sometimes think I need to practice on things so I should just doodle here to help me practice more. Sometimes when the sketch looks good I can draw it on full paper.”

You mentioned most of your inspiration comes from anime and Disney, and both of those usually have stories behind them. Do any of yours in particular have stories involved with them or is that just something you don’t do?

“That’s something I don’t really do, but sometimes I think of a story in my head. I just like to draw it out in my head and see if it works or not.”

How many sketchbooks do you go through in a year?

“Do you ever set goals on how many sketches you do? Last year I went through 6 sketchbooks. I usually don’t set goals I just draw as much as I can.”

Most artists when they get towards the end aren’t sure if they are done sketching. Do you ever go back & change something in an old sketch when you go back to look at it? Or when you are sketching & finish, do you always know when you are done?

I go over & look at something’s right when they are finished.”