Hello art lovers,

It’s been a while! Sorry for not blogging in quite some time, but I’ve been busy doing what I love! In addition to working on some new pieces (which includes a couple commissions), I’m excited to announce that two of my paintings are up in San Francisco 49ers tight end Vernon Davis’ art gallery! Gallery 85 is part of Santana Row in San Jose, California and is an extension of the Vernon Davis Foundation for the Arts. Per www.vernondavis.com/foundation/ , the foundation aims to “promote art education and art appreciation among youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.” They fulfill their mission by “providing scholarships to dedicated art students and grants to deserving nonprofit programs who share in our ideals.”

They’re actually the second and third pieces that I’ve had displayed there, and the very first one sold already! It’s an absolute honor to have Vernon and his foundation continue to appreciate my art/paintings of him enough to include them in his gallery. It’s amazing to have a superstar athlete love my work and then have said athlete share my work! My two paintings actually got some extra promotion when Vernon took his Instagram followers on a picture tour of his gallery. One of his photos was of him standing right in between my 2 pieces! It’s always great to get my paintings out there for people to see, especially when someone of his notoriety shares and compliments them.

But in addition to having my work on display, I love being part of the bigger picture. Sure, my work is for sale and hanging in a gallery, but the potential sale of my paintings benefits something greater than just me. Proceeds from the two pieces benefit a foundation that aims to support and encourage younger people interested in art to pursue their passion or to further develop it. As an artist myself, I love having the opportunity to give back in a sense to the art community. Doing what I love to do that helps the future of art? Count me in every time. Well alright, that’s all I have this go around. If you want to see more of my stuff, follow me on Twitter @MoreauArt and Instagram @AbsolonMoreau or find me on Facebook so we can chat about sports and art! Until next time, thanks for checking in on my paintings and me!

If you have any questions, painting suggestions, or would like to contact me regarding a custom painting, please email me at info@moreauart.com.

Thanks for reading!