Artist of the Week: Jeff Owen

Jeff Owen is a metal sculptor from the SF Bay Area, who recently appeared in our show ReTHINKit, a show focused around art made from recycled materials. Owen’s art is based on the use of recycled materials, making him a perfect fit for the show. To create a piece Owen goes through local scrapyards and

Artist of the Week: Dave Head

Optics, science, and engineering are not typically the first things that come to mind when thinking about art and the art world. For Gallery 85 artist Dave Head however, optics and the science of light and reflection are essential to his artistic process and art products. The creator of many of the fabulous reflective

Artist of the Week: Toni Ingram

Artist Toni Ingram actually harvests many of the plants she uses to make the archival papers and pigments for her beautiful works of art! She begins the paper making process by drying plants such as kozo (mulberry bark), palm leaves, or straw. The pieces she is showcasing in the RETHINKIT exhibit are all made

Artist of the Week: Shannon Amidon

Born and raised in San Jose, California, artist Shannon Amidon’s background and aesthetic is both captivating and out of the ordinary. With her focus on alternative processes of photography, encaustic, and paper arts, much of Shannon’s artwork focuses on incorporating items such as fossils, botanicals, bones and antiques into her pieces. Her antique book

Artist of the Week: Brandon Anderton

To some artists, the process of creating a work of art is much more than merely a hobby. Exemplifying this notion is Gallery 85 artist Brandon Anderton, who has used art as a means for self-expression and wellness. Diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after suffering from a work related injury in 2009, Brandon

Artist of the Week: Rochelle Ford

The metal sculptures of Rochelle Ford are a celebration of texture, tone, color and composition. Coupling a w!elding torch and a refined sensitivity, Rochelle transforms recycled metals into beautiful works of art. A self-taught, successful and prolific metal sculptor, Rochelle did not begin welding until she was in her 50’s. She has been selling and

Artist of the Week: Ellen Howard

Ellen Howard Stop by the gallery over the next few weeks and see Ellen Howards beautiful plein air California landscape paintings. En plein air is a French expression, which literally translates to ‘open air’. It is used to describe a process of painting or drawing done outside, directly from the landscape. This technique challenges

Artist of the Week: Michael Mastre

Michael Mastre Michael first exhibited his work at Gallery 85 through his series of black and white pieces depicting special moments from Vernon’s football career. These memorable scenes were captured by Michael with the use of the interesting medium of scratchboard. Using this same technique, he created a series of iconic musicians for the

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