One of the ways The Vernon Davis Foundation works to promote art education and art appreciation among youth from disadvantaged backgrounds is by providing scholarships to dedicated art students.

The first recipient of a VDF scholarship is Sheryl Quock.


Sheryl grew up in San Francisco and loved art from a young age. She spent her childhood sketching garments with crayons and sewing her old clothes into teddy bears to play with. In high school, she bought her first sewing machine and began experimenting with different fabrics, and started using recycled materials for her designs not long after.

She is now a senior at Cornell University studying applied economics, and while at school, she continues to express herself through fashion design, painting, and sculpture, as well as through singing and choreographing for her a capella group and serving in design roles for various campus organizations. She has achieved high marks in her university, and has recently been awarded for her research and involvement in entrepreneurship and risk-taking. This past summer, she combined her interests in analytics and design as a strategy intern for Ralph Lauren.

Upon graduation, she hopes to marry her love for art with all of her intellectual interests when she graduates and give back to her family and the VDF for supporting her throughout her higher education.

You can learn more about Sheryl by checking out her website,!