Barbara Goldstein is an independent consultant focusing on public art planning and creative placemaking. She is the former Public Art Director for the City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs and editor of Public Art by the Book, a primer published by Americans for the Arts and the University of Washington Press. Ms. Goldstein has directed the public art programs in Seattle and Los Angeles, worked as a cultural planner, architectural and art critic, editor and publisher. She is past chair of the Chair of the Public Art Network for Americans for the Arts.

Sports venues, concert halls and public transportation are some of most truly democratic institutions. They’re some of the few places where people meet across social class, cultural class and age. They are places where conversations start and we share our common experiences. So how can art add to that? Art in public gathering places and transportation is one of the places where all kinds of people can share their stories and their common interests, where culture can be reflected and respected. Barbara Goldstein will share examples of public art in baseball parks, transit and concert venues and tell some stories about how it came about and people’s response to it.

JurassiC is an emerging local band displaying musical range from Hip-Hop, Latin, Jazz and Swing.They have become to represent the sounds of the South Bay’s cultural and artistic identity.

Gallery 85, the new bustling hip gallery in San Jose’s Santana Row opened by San Francisco 49ers Vernon Davis, is hosting an evening of art, culture, and social engagement to celebrate a Special Opening and Concert event for the new exhibition, “Huddle Up”. The unique evening event will help raise funds for the Vernon Davis Foundation for the Arts which promotes arts education and art appreciation for youth and awards college scholarships to artistically talented students.

The premise of the exhibition is to understand the gathering in public places that allow collaboration and direct conversations. Artworks presented play on the idea of group dynamics by promising young emerging Bay Area artists. The thematic exhibition will display open communication and art engagement through paintings, drawings, jewelry and sculptures. Participating artists have re-contextualized their artwork to create a fascinating exhibit expressing the act of communication and interdependence. For some artists the work brings family dynamics into focus. And for 3D artists working with animal sculptures, they highlight the constant dynamic and moving relationships we create when sharing the public space.

Come to Gallery 85 in Santana Row and enjoy a trendy and contemplative event on Thursday, June 27, 2013 from 6 – 9pm. The fundraising event will bring the supportive spirit of artistic education and development in our creative youths.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Gallery 85, 1180 Olsen Drive. San Jose CA 95128; tel: (408) 610 – 9169
CONTACT: Christopher Sicat, Curator (310) 415 – 4444,
GALLERY HOURS: Tuesday – Friday: 10am – 7pm and Saturdays 10am – 6pm.