Read 85 Campaign: Reading Tour

Vernon Davis of the Washington Redskins takes an “educational tour” around DMV’s low income public schools. Davis will visit elementary schools over the course of two months, speaking and reading to students from grades PreK-5 in efforts to inspire our youth.

It wasn’t until Vernon’s adult life he found that his love for reading could open a world of opportunities. From
Spiritual passages, to motivational messages, business finance books, and of course sports and car magazines; Vernon appreciates the art of the written word and seeks to share his passion among the youth.

During his off season, Davis will spend time encouraging underprivileged children to reap the benefits of reading; enabling them to enhance their vocabulary, writing skills, concentration, memory and much more.

The Read 85 campaign aims to challenge our young leaders to increase their reading habits with a 2 week reading contest. In return, Mr. Davis will donate 85 new and gently used children’s books to each school that reaches their goal.

School visits

April 30
Malcolm X Elementary (DC)
•    Time: 2pm-3:30

May 4
Bucknell Elementary (FairfaxVA)
•    Time 10am-11:30

Georgetown East (Annap,MD)
•    Time: 2pm-3:30

May 7
Savoy Elementary DC
•    Time 2pm-3:15

J C Nalle Community School (SE DC)
•    Time 10am-11:30

Harmony hills elementary (silver spring, MD)
•    Time 2pm-3:30