“Rhode Warrior,” a mixed-media sculpture by senior Niyjale Cummings that will be on show at the De Young Museum from May 12-20 as part of the Young at Art Festival.

A Lowell senior will receive a prestigious art scholarship this week at a Youth Art festival in the de Young museum where students have their artwork displayed alongside great work from ancient to modern areas until May 20.

On May 18, senior Niyjale Cummings will receive the $5000 Vernon Davis Visual Art Scholarship Fund for San Francisco Unified School District graduates planning to major in fine arts. San Francisco 49ers’ tight end Vernon Davis contacted Cummings through email about the award.

Cummings sent in a portfolio of his artwork; the art piece that greatly impressed the judges was his mixed-media sculpture “Rhode Warrior.” The piece is made of metal scrapings, wires, light bulb parts, and alligator clips. “It is a self-reflection of me; this is what I see myself as,” Cummings said.

Six other students, besides Cummings, qualified for the final round of judging — including Lowell senior Vivian Tong, who is an illustrator for The Lowell, and senior Maria Wong. Three students from the School of the Arts were also chosen as finalists.

fter preliminary judging rounds, Davis picked the artist that is most deserving of the award. “It was a bittersweet moment,” Cummings said. “I didn’t think my work was good enough compared to the other amazing artists, but I am still very happy that I won.”

Art has fascinated Cummings from a young age. He works primarily with sculptures or anything with his hands such as ceramics pieces and wire scraps. Currently, he is working on several different art pieces, like a swordsman made out of chopsticks and a bird made of wire. “Art helps me express myself,” Cummings said. “I can prove to other people that I am good at something.”

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